Check out this Collectors Weekly article on the creation of props for the hit 60’s TV show “Mad Men”

Harrison Krix  creats  amazing props and replicas  and his website: Volpin Props is full of how to demonstrations: 

Explore the world backstage at the Royal national Theatre and watch their videos on prop making skills:

Visit the website of the company behind the props and weaponry of ” The Lord of The Rings”

From the Muppets  and Bear in the Big Blue House to Fantasy films like Labyrinth, Jim Henson Productions  has something for everyone:

Aardman animation is  the award winning company behind  Creature Comforts and Wallace and Grommit. Check out  their website:


Scott Holden made this tauntaun costume in his garage for a halloween party, see what ca be achieved  with just regular materials from a diy shop .

Eric Hart has written a fantastic book on propmaking and also runs this website:‎