Tonight is the last night of our hugely successful production of Guys and Dolls.
The props department was heavily involved in the creation of a cartoon version of Broadway to Adam Wiltshire’s designs.

Here are some photos of the build process for the Hot Box nightclub sign made by second year student Jonathan Gilmer:plan

Glittercloth was put into all the boxes before led strip was set all around the edges.Plastic chrome trim and velvet were used to create the finishing touches.glitter

.silver trimfinished with trim
The sign was lit up during the night club scenes and as part of Miss Adelaide’s dressing room. The screen, chair and dressing table are by Clare Hellyer 3rd year props co-ordinator and Imelda Cox Yr 2.DSC03934

Clare also made the In God We Trust sign and the fabulous newsstand filled with authentic but brightly coloured period magazines.DSC03872