ten desks
Last week Guildhall produced Sophie Treadwell’s Machinal: a powerful drama about a woman trapped and crushed by the industrial life of the 1930’s. The props department led by Jasmine Bromley produced a wide range of props, Jas and her team made 10 office desks and a switchboard.

Victoria Shillingford made a greasy sink with 3d printed handles.
Kitchen Sink

Imelda Cox made and grained a beautifully swanky Vegas hotel bed.
Vegas Bed
Jonathan Gilmer made an art deco sofa which split in half reflecting the separation between the young woman and her distant unfeeling husband.
split sofa

To finish here’s a close up of the detail of the bed including some gorgeous 3d designed and printed cabinet fixtures by Jas.
deco knob2
sketchup knob